“Like Air” Single Review from Buzz Music!

Hi everyone!

Los Angeles based music blog Buzz Music was kind enough to review my new single “Like Air” (duet with Ellis Hall)

“This masterpiece is timeless and erupts sudden bursts of nostalgia through our very being as we comprehend the intricately crafted words infiltrating our thoughts. Merging in unison, each artist compliments one another’s talents as the contrast is larger than life in “Like Air.” – Buzz Music

You can check out the full review and an interview I gave, talking about the creative process behind the song, below!

Thank you Buzz Music for the very kind words!

xo Amanda



I was very honoured to be interviewed recently by “The Musical Financial Doctor” Eni Oszlai! We talked about the creative process behind my new album “Rise Like a Phoenix” (coming later in 2021) and we also chatted about how the pandemic has affected musicians, my duet with Ellis Hall, and much more!

It was wonderful chatting with you Eni, thank you!

Please check out the interview, below!

xo Amanda


Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a very busy time over here lately and I have some great news! My new single “Like Air” is a duet with the “Ambassador of Soul” Ellis Hall! I am so honoured to have him perform on this song with me! The single will be released on LMS Records on May 21, 2021 on all major music platforms. It will be available for presale as from May 10.

I also would like to announce that I have recently signed with LMS Records and am looking forward to the release of my album “Rise Like a Phoenix” later in 2021!

This weekend we shot a music video for “Like Air” and it was directed by Shawn Soucy and filmed by Caroline Trudel. We are thrilled with how it turned out and it was so much fun! The music video will be released soon!

Please check out the official cover art for the single and some shots from the music video shoot! Lots more exciting things to come!

xo Amanda


Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve all been keeping safe and well in these crazy times!

I recently gave an interview with radio broadcaster John Beaudin for his awesome YouTube channel “Rock History Canada”. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQHw9eDTR70


In other exciting news, my third single ‘WOLF’ will be released to all major platforms on Friday April 24! Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

We have had to temporarily cease recording the new album because of the current COVID-19 crisis, but rest assured it is still happening and we will be hard at work once again as soon as it is safe to do so! I’d like to say a big thanks to ALL essential workers at this time!


xo Amanda

Amanda Dean (7)



Interview with BuzzMusic L.A. and review of new single “Again”


I recently chatted again with Los Angeles based music blog Buzz Music and they have given me yet another amazing review on my second single “Again!”

You can read the interview and review here;



xo Amanda

A Dream Come True – Singing With TOTO!

So, I’m so honoured to say, I checked a major item off the bucket list last Sunday – I got to sit in with rock legends TOTO at The Met in Philadelphia, PA!  I am a huge fan of this band, they are some of the best musicians in the world –  Steve Lukather is my hero and the reason I ever picked up a guitar. I got to sing a little of their very first hit – “Hold The Line.”

I can’t even begin to describe what this experience means to me! I have some photos to post soon from TOTO photographer Bob Dinsmore!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, TOTO!

Amanda xo

Second single “Again” is now mixed and mastered!

Again Single cover

Just a quick update on my second single “Again”. We worked very hard recording and mixing in the studio and I received the final master today!

The release date is TBA, but the track will be coming soon on all major platforms! It’s a real feelgood song!

For now, I’d like to share some photos from the recording session! We had so much fun!

Top to bottom and left to right;

Background vocals (she also co-wrote the song with me) – Lillooet Fox

Drums/Engineering/co-producer – Shawn Soucy

Bass – Billy Mendoza

Acoustic guitar – Ted Tosoff

Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Amanda xo

Review of my new single “Stepping Stone” on Buzz Music L.A!

Hey everyone! My new single ‘Stepping Stone’ has received an amazing review on Los Angeles based music blog – Buzz Music!

“Stepping Stone” is beautiful, melodically inspired by the sounds of modern pop and rock, but instrumentally soaked in a more worldly aura that impresses on multiple levels. “Stepping Stone” reaches out for your affection and holds tight to it right the way through. – Buzz Music L.A.

Read the full review, plus an interview with me about my forthcoming album ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ here;


Big love to Buzz Music, I really appreciate the very kind words!

xo Amanda